• Loginscherm


    After the registration of you and your team, this screen gives you acces to the application.

  • Startscherm


    When a user is logged in, this is the screen to start from.

  • Leden aanmaken

    Adding members

    The administrator of each team can add the individual members.

  • Evenement aanmaken

    Creating events

    Each event has a category, a date en perhaps a timing and description.

  • 4

    Inviting members

    Per event members can be invited. Afterwards you can send out an email to each invitee.

  • 5

    Detail event

    In the detailscreen you get more krijgen we meer explanation about the event and we can see who'll be present, maybe or absent.

  • 6

    Overview team

    Each user can fill out his details so you have all addressinformation, telephonenumbers and emailaddresses available.

  Myosto is a FREE  Online Sportteam Manager, Adapatble & Userfriendly

Who uses it

  • Airsoft
  • Basketball
  • Icehockey
  • Karting
  • Darts
  • Running teams
  • Mountainbike
  • Paintball
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • ...
The applicatie can be used for almost any teamsport or sportteam.

Benefits and features

Simple overview who'll be present the next game instead of replying to a reply of the original email sent out.

Other added features like 'Team News' can help improve the internal communication of your team.
  • Easy creation of events
  • Send out emailinvitations
  • Indicate who will drive
  • Possibility to limiting the number of participants
  • Comment your status
  • General comments
  • Internal adress database
  • Overview membership fees

Users testify

  • Myosto is a very user-friendly, online sports team manager that saves you a lot of SMS and e-mail time. The service is great, and they respond quickly to feedback or problems.

    N'duvel, Belgium


  • The organising of our soccerteam already went smooth by using Myosto, no more annoying emails or texts. Thanks to the implementation of 'First come first served' it's a complete system pushing our members to respond in time for an event. Also about the approach of integrating new ideas, nothing but good. Keep up the good work Myosto!

    Ruben MVC Paintball Gent


  • I recently introduced Myosto in our basketball team, and the responses of our players were instantly very positive. Rightly so because from now on no more annoying emails. A simple login for each of our members and the complete organisation of our team is directly covered. en alle organisatie is meteen van de baan. Thanks very much!

    BRC Time-ouT, Belgium


  • Congratulations with this new way of working. Superb work, this can save us a lot of emailing.

    FC Lampadaires, Belgium